Elder Care

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If a loved one is in need of care, he or she is likely dealing with loss — physical loss, mental loss, the loss of independence. Accepting care might mean relinquishing privacy and adjusting to new routines. As a result, your loved one might feel frightened and vulnerable, angry that he or she needs help or guilty about the idea of becoming a burden to family and friends.

In some cases, your loved one might have mental health concerns or simply think it's a sign of weakness to accept help. Memory loss might make it difficult for your loved to understand why he or she needs help. He or she might also be worried about the cost of care.

There are many services in our communities that support the independence and dignity of the older adult. There are also resources for the caregiver. Elder care services can help you understand your care options so that you can make informed decisions about the long term care services and supports that will best meet your needs.