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The Coalition Extends Services with

The Coalition Extends Services with

The coalition, via Centra Wellness Network, extends its services to its providers and to community members through the innovative online resource of It is intended as a support to people that wish to improve their mental health with its web and mobile applications.

This is a digital behavioral health company that helps clinicians extend care by offering web-based and mobile self-help resources labeled as “the health club for the mind” to individuals with mental health needs.

“Consumers of services are becoming extremely savvy about their own care and wellness. They want on-demand access to treatment and support anytime, anywhere,” said Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health. “Behavioral health, perhaps more than any other healthcare specialty, is suited to leverage virtual delivery and myStrength is making it possible,” she added.

Northern Michigan Health Coalition providers will use myStrength applications to help individuals manage depression and anxiety in between therapy visits and after therapy ends through interactive coping tools, daily action plans and inspiration, as well as step-by-step eLearning modules. These digital resources are evidence-based and offered with a strict confidentiality platform.

Healthcare organizations across the U.S. have launched myStrength applications to help mental health and addictions treatment organizations meet the significant increase in demand for services by leveraging innovative online treatment technologies. More than 5,000 community behavioral healthcare clinicians have the ability to augment direct intervention with virtual care and more than 5 million covered lives now have access to myStrength web and mobile applications.

“This is a great addition to the services of our organizations,” says Chip Johnston, Executive Director of Centra Wellness Network. “This application meets our aspiration to provide excellent resources for our community members in their pursuit of great mental health and wellness. It is free of charge and easy to sign up and to use.”

“We are thrilled with our partnership with Centra Wellness Network,” said Scott Cousino, myStrength Chief Executive Officer. “CWN is a high-quality, innovative manager of public behavioral health services. We are excited to be able to provide a complementary online resource to help address the growing need for affordable and accessible mental health services in Michigan.”

The use of this application is available to anybody in our communities and is free of charge. All one needs is access to the internet with a computer, tablet, or a mobile smart phone. Learn more at