Manistee Friendship Society

(231) 398-0434

1475 US 31 South
Manistee, MI 49660

The Manistee Friendship Society Drop-in Center offers a variety of services.  We are operated by people who have dealt first hand with a mental illness.  Our services include: Support groups, Peer-support given by Certified Peer Specialists, referrals, advocacy, relationship building, life skills enhancement, a safe place to seek refuge, a listening ear, and acceptance for where you are within the recovery process.  

The mission of Manistee Friendship Society is to provide advocacy and assistance to those suffering from a mental illness through the peer-support that we provide.  This is through working with people to improve their lives after suffering serious mental health issues.  These improvements are in the areas of accessing necessary income/assistance, improving job skills, locating permanent housing, providing critical peer support, and building relationships with others. 

   Major Project Objectives for a Drop-in include:

  • Provide a safe, supportive, and normal environment for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness in the community, especially for those who are isolated in society, refusing participation in mental health programs, and to whom even sheltered employment settings and other work related activities are too stressful.

  • Provide an atmosphere of acceptance where individuals will feel needed and grow in self-worth, dignity and self-respect by offering positive role modeling, volunteering opportunities, and promoting self-sufficiency.

  • Increase knowledge about the community by learning from peers what services are available in the community and what services are most useful. 

  • Provide a place where social and recreational activities can occur, enabling individuals with severe emotional difficulties to conquer social and communication problems and assume productive lifestyles in community settings. The social and relationship opportunities attained within drop-in centers have proven to be a very critical element in one’s recovery. 

  • Offer a safe place to go where drugs and alcohol are not welcome and recovery is encouraged.